The Great American Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017

So what’s the big deal? Why is there so much fuss over this?

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How can we know what we don’t know or haven’t experienced? I have heard that total solar eclipses are one of the most awe-inspiring sights nature provides. Birds and animals go quiet as if it is time to sleep. In the daytime dark of the Moon is an experience of simultaneous sunrise and sunset. I have read that as people are transfixed by the ethereal vision of the Sun’s corona for the few moments of total Black Moon they gasp and even weep.


A total solar eclipse (TSE) visible during daytime in good weather over accessible land in the United States is a rare event; the last transcontinental USA—coast-to-coast total solar eclipse—was June 8, 1918. A few total solar eclipses in the 20th century touched small swaths of American soil: the Northwestern states saw the TSE of February 26, 1979, and a March 7, 1970, TSE traveled up the East Coast.


Generations of Americans have never seen this sight on their home territory. I’ve seen partial solar eclipses, but never a total solar eclipse. As a professional astrologer, this is incredibly exciting bucket list opportunity for me! After a drought of 20th century eclipses, this Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017, ushers in a new golden age of American TSEs (starting with April 8, 2024 and August 12, 2045).


In the ancient world, kings kept court astrologers to forecast fearsome solar eclipses, which were believed to cause problems for king and country. The August 21, 2017, eclipse degree of 28 degrees Leo 53 minutes is joined to fixed star Regulus the Royal Fixed Star of kings and queens at the heart of Leo the Lion. President Trump’s Leo Ascendant (his gateway to the world) of 29 degrees 55 minutes conjoined with Regulus is due to be eclipsed by the Moon (representing the people) blocking out the Sun (representing the king).


Join astrologer Omi Preheim at Aquarius Books on Saturday August 19 when she shares her perspectives on the astrological meaning of The Great American Eclipse. We are living in interesting times!


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