It takes a lot of people…

I heart oraclesAt the end of an event like the most recent Oracles of Aquarius, the best I can do, is to lift my head up and take a look around… and say, wow! What just happened?

I know that by the end of the day, Sunday, I felt Amazing, and like I had been hit by a great big truck! There were a LOT of people and a LOT of energy! I know that my larger energy body just experienced something Grand, but the only thing my body has any memory of, is standing at the register the whole day, my fingers flying and answering phone calls and smiling and laughing with customers! At some point, I heated up my lunch, took two bites then, twenty minutes later, another two bites…lunch doesn’t often last until 5:30, but I finally finished it! About half way through the afternoon, a lady said to me, “There seems to be a long wait, but that’s ok. I went upstairs and the energy was so intense, I need to go eat something to ground!”

The feeling was palpable. And, I know many of you who came to the store this weekend could feel it. I am so grateful for all of the people that make it happen twice a year!

Every spring and every fall, for the better part of a decade, I have taken a few days out of the loop, to put together the bones of a lovely little fete we call Oracles of Aquarius. During those few days, I become REALLY focused, and push myself pretty hard, (it’s a lot of ladder climbing for someone out of shape and pushing 50!) But, I never lose site of the fact that a lot of people make this happen. So many details go into something like this! planning and organization, months in advance. Scheduling and advertising and execution, what needs to be ordered, keeping the day-to-day operation running smoothly. Barbara, Alex, Mark, Cathy, John-Mark and myself, all know how the machine is oiled by now, to make this event come off!

And then there are the readers and energy workers. These are some amazing people! Not only are they talented psychics, empaths and healers, these folks have some stamina! There was a line by the time we opened and three-hour waits were not unheard of today. Not to mention, that many of the people in that room rank among some of my favorite people in the world…but I don’t want to gush!

And, last but not least, our customers!  Some of them second and third generations of families to shop with us, some who were there for the first time today, all being patient and good humored waiting in another line! More than one new face today, asked me, “is something going on today? You seem really busy!” I LOVE each and every one of you! Yes, it takes a LOT of people to make something unique like this happen. It takes everyone of them!

As for today, that is for taking a well deserved breath. Then, we put it back in the box, until next time. Today is for getting back to the normal day-to-day operations, while I think, “Wow, what just happened?”

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