We Have a New Website!

As Aquarius Books is growing and changing, we’re upgrading many things including our online presence. Please come check out our NEW website and calendar of events at, https://aquariuskc.com/

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A Head’s Up Warning To Our Customers!

road closed_0We have been notified that Kansas City has plans to completely revamp the Broadway Corridor streetscape, including repaving the street, new sidewalks and crosswalks, as well as, new trees and landscaping. It will bring a much needed face lift to our neighborhood, but a big headache and inconvenience while the work is being done. According to plans, crews will begin tearing up our little strip of Broadway, between 39th street and 40th Terrace, sometime in the first week of August. They will be starting on the west side of the street first, then move to the east side of the street during the second half of August, hopefully finishing up by the beginning of September.

Broadway road construction

Fortunately for us and our customers, we have a rear entrance! During the time Broadway is closed, you will need to use the Washington Street entrance off the rear parking lot. Customers will be able to access Washington Street from 39th street, 40th Terrace just south of the BP gas station, or from the west, on Pennsylvania Street at either 39th Terrace or 40th Street.

It looks like August is going to be a challenge, but we can get through this!

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It’s HOT! So we are having a HOT SALE on Clothing!


Saturday, July 21, & Sunday, July 22, 2018

The weather is HOT! So we are celebrating with HOT prices on your favorite Braja clothing! We got a really special price on Summer styles, so we are passing it on-items we normally sell for $50-$60, will be selling for less than our normal COST!

EVERYTHING! – tops, dresses, pants, skirts – for $19.99. This includes a few XXL, & XXXL too!



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The Great American Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017

So what’s the big deal? Why is there so much fuss over this?

2016 Omi Thumbnail

with guest blogger,

Astrologer, Omi Preheim







How can we know what we don’t know or haven’t experienced? I have heard that total solar eclipses are one of the most awe-inspiring sights nature provides. Birds and animals go quiet as if it is time to sleep. In the daytime dark of the Moon is an experience of simultaneous sunrise and sunset. I have read that as people are transfixed by the ethereal vision of the Sun’s corona for the few moments of total Black Moon they gasp and even weep.


A total solar eclipse (TSE) visible during daytime in good weather over accessible land in the United States is a rare event; the last transcontinental USA—coast-to-coast total solar eclipse—was June 8, 1918. A few total solar eclipses in the 20th century touched small swaths of American soil: the Northwestern states saw the TSE of February 26, 1979, and a March 7, 1970, TSE traveled up the East Coast.


Generations of Americans have never seen this sight on their home territory. I’ve seen partial solar eclipses, but never a total solar eclipse. As a professional astrologer, this is incredibly exciting bucket list opportunity for me! After a drought of 20th century eclipses, this Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017, ushers in a new golden age of American TSEs (starting with April 8, 2024 and August 12, 2045).


In the ancient world, kings kept court astrologers to forecast fearsome solar eclipses, which were believed to cause problems for king and country. The August 21, 2017, eclipse degree of 28 degrees Leo 53 minutes is joined to fixed star Regulus the Royal Fixed Star of kings and queens at the heart of Leo the Lion. President Trump’s Leo Ascendant (his gateway to the world) of 29 degrees 55 minutes conjoined with Regulus is due to be eclipsed by the Moon (representing the people) blocking out the Sun (representing the king).


Join astrologer Omi Preheim at Aquarius Books on Saturday August 19 when she shares her perspectives on the astrological meaning of The Great American Eclipse. We are living in interesting times!


Saturday, August 19

Aquarius Books

3936 Broadway, Kansas City, MO

11 AM – 12:30 PM



Private consultations available on Saturday afternoon. Contact omi@omipreheim.com.


Omi Preheim, Astrologer


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Aquarius & Barbara Criswell featured in Womply post








Three decades ago, Barbara Criswell used $1,500 from her personal savings to open Aquarius Books in Kansas City, Missouri.


Aquarius Books: You don’t have to be psychic to get in customers’ heads

If you ever wanted some insight into driving force behind Aquarius, here it is! Barbara Criswell, owner of Aquarius Books, was featured in a blog post by Womply, a small businesses technology and data company.

It isn’t very hard to see why I’ve been with the company for almost half of it, or why Aquarius has had so little employee turn over through the years. She is an amazing business person, and a great boss. Congratulations Barbara, for almost 30 years of continued success!


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The Joy of Reading: Book Preservation Tips for Your Home Library

book preservation







Photo courtesy of Unsplash by Alona Kroft

Guest blog by Larry Mager

Book lovers will be the first to admit: reading a good book can be a powerful (perhaps even life-changing) experience. According to Alison Kerr Courtney of Biblioremedy, “Reading literature can increase a person’s happiness, decrease stress, and unlock the imagination.”


Courtney is a professional bibliotherapist. Bibliotherapy is the use of books recommendations for treating (or possibly even healing) specific mental, emotional and psychological disorders – or even just to help them escape from life for a while. In other words, just as a patient might go to a doctor for a prescription pill, a client might go to see a trained bibliotherapist for a specific condition, trauma or event that they are dealing with. However, instead of leaving their bibliotherapist’s office with a prescription for pills, the client would leave with a “prescription” for books to assist with their particular situation.


Bibliotherapy is nothing new. Books have been used for healing since the times of Ancient Greece, if not longer. Books were recommended to soldiers during both World War I and II to help deal with psychological and emotional trauma. In the United Kingdom, a bibliotherapy service called “Books on Prescription” has been used since 2003 as a form of alternative therapy for those in need.


It is clear that people around the world find books not only beneficial, but even therapeutic. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why, even in the digital age of eBooks and audiobooks, so many people still choose to build a collection of good, old fashioned paperbacks and hardcovers.


If you’ve been building your own home library, here are some of the best practices for protecting your favorite books:


Safe storage

Ideally, most of us like to put our books on display – for instance, on a bookcase, bookshelf, or even in our own home library room. Of course, as our book collections grow (or if we live in a home with limited storage space), this can become tricky. Sometimes, it is necessary to find alternative storage options for your growing book collection.


If your books won’t be stored on a bookcase or shelf, you’ll want to take a few extra precautions for maintaining the lifespan of your books. First, try storing your books in a plastic container with a lid rather than a cardboard box. This will better protect your books from humidity, flooding, and pests. When storing your books, always either stand the books up straight or lay them flat.


Protect Book Covers and Spines

You will also want to consider how to minimize wear and tear on the covers and spines of your books. To protect your book covers, you’ll want to use a book cover protector. You can purchase one or build your own using a clear, heavy duty plastic sheet protector.


To protect the spines of your beloved paperback books, you can start by placing the book spine-down on a flat surface, such as a table, then gently opening the front and back covers. Next, gently “fan out” the book by slowly opening each page, one at a time. Follow the natural crease of the spine, and never force the pages. This will help maintain the spine of your book, while still loosening the spine. If done properly, this method teaches your book’s spine to curve, rather than to crease or crack. Give it a try next time you get a new paperback novel!


Reading is something that brings joy to people around the world. By taking extra efforts to care for and protect your books now, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite stories for years to come.

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Bran Cerddorion CD Release and Concert

king-of-dreams-campaign-sharey-tootsCome and enjoy an acoustic Pagan folk concert and support a local musician! Free admission! More info at https://paganbran.com/

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74d6fa4b-dc8a-403c-827e-8dbe32e31178Thanks to our wonderful family of customers, we have grown so much, over the last few years, that some of the ways we have done things in the past, just don’t fit us anymore. This is especially true of our Newsletter. The new format will allow us to integrate graphics and video, as well as links to helpful information that you will want to know about; helping us more effectively keep in touch with the people who have made Aquarius so successful!
We have some exciting events coming up this summer, including an Author event and book signing with Tess Whitehurst – author of “Holistic Magic”, a Women’s event, addressing such topics as “Natural Solutions To Hot Flashes”, a concert and workshop featuring the International Award winning sound healers, Paradiso and Rasamayai, as well as a workshop intensive with author Paul Selig!
If this is your first time to our website, take a tour of the place! Make sure that you sign up for our E-mail list so you can be updated about events, discounts and specials. Check out our calendar and our Readers of Aquarius page. We hope that you will come back again! If you are one of our regulars, thanks for coming back to see us! We really are grateful for our wonderful customers!
Thanks for being part of our success for more than 25 years!
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25th Anniversary Aquarius Tarot Deck

01 deck promoUPDATE!  The 25th Anniversary Deck is NOW in stock! Come and pick up yours today!
Aquarius Books is proud to offer a 25th Anniversary  Tarot Deck. This collector’s item is an edition limited to 100 decks, signed & numbered, including an information card, hand-embossed with the Aquarius Water-Bearer logo. A matching zippered pouch is included with the deck. The deck is being printed right now but we do not have a ship date yet.

We are now accepting pre-paid advanced orders! The cost of the deck and pouch is $75 (+tax) and you can come in or phone your request. All pre-paid advanced orders will be randomly drawn to receive the lowest edition numbers. 
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It takes a lot of people…

I heart oraclesAt the end of an event like the most recent Oracles of Aquarius, the best I can do, is to lift my head up and take a look around… and say, wow! What just happened?

I know that by the end of the day, Sunday, I felt Amazing, and like I had been hit by a great big truck! There were a LOT of people and a LOT of energy! I know that my larger energy body just experienced something Grand, but the only thing my body has any memory of, is standing at the register the whole day, my fingers flying and answering phone calls and smiling and laughing with customers! At some point, I heated up my lunch, took two bites then, twenty minutes later, another two bites…lunch doesn’t often last until 5:30, but I finally finished it! About half way through the afternoon, a lady said to me, “There seems to be a long wait, but that’s ok. I went upstairs and the energy was so intense, I need to go eat something to ground!”

The feeling was palpable. And, I know many of you who came to the store this weekend could feel it. I am so grateful for all of the people that make it happen twice a year!

Every spring and every fall, for the better part of a decade, I have taken a few days out of the loop, to put together the bones of a lovely little fete we call Oracles of Aquarius. During those few days, I become REALLY focused, and push myself pretty hard, (it’s a lot of ladder climbing for someone out of shape and pushing 50!) But, I never lose site of the fact that a lot of people make this happen. So many details go into something like this! planning and organization, months in advance. Scheduling and advertising and execution, what needs to be ordered, keeping the day-to-day operation running smoothly. Barbara, Alex, Mark, Cathy, John-Mark and myself, all know how the machine is oiled by now, to make this event come off!

And then there are the readers and energy workers. These are some amazing people! Not only are they talented psychics, empaths and healers, these folks have some stamina! There was a line by the time we opened and three-hour waits were not unheard of today. Not to mention, that many of the people in that room rank among some of my favorite people in the world…but I don’t want to gush!

And, last but not least, our customers!  Some of them second and third generations of families to shop with us, some who were there for the first time today, all being patient and good humored waiting in another line! More than one new face today, asked me, “is something going on today? You seem really busy!” I LOVE each and every one of you! Yes, it takes a LOT of people to make something unique like this happen. It takes everyone of them!

As for today, that is for taking a well deserved breath. Then, we put it back in the box, until next time. Today is for getting back to the normal day-to-day operations, while I think, “Wow, what just happened?”

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